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BISU receives delegation from Beijing municipal government
Updated: June 19, 2024

Li Fusheng, deputy director of the Research Office of Beijing Municipal People's Government, led a delegation to Beijing International Studies University (BISU) on May 27 for research on measures to facilitate the entry of foreigners.

Ji Jinbiao, deputy secretary of the CPC BISU Committee and president of the university, met with the delegation. Zheng Chengjun, a member of the standing committee of the CPC BISU committee and vice-president of the university, also attended the meeting.  

After welcoming the delegation, Ji briefed them on BISU's international development and the profile of its foreign teachers and students. He said that BISU has always been adhering to the mission of promoting Sino-foreign cultural exchanges and supporting Beijing's function as the center for international exchanges.

In the future, BISU will enhance its internationalization level, attract and cultivate more friendly expatriates, and make more contributions to Sino-foreign exchanges, he added.


Ji delivers a speech.

Li affirmed the internationalization of BISU. He said that the Beijing municipal government attaches great importance to internationalization. It is hoped that the research in BISU can reveal the inconveniences and difficulties encountered by foreigners so that the office can provide suggestions for facilitation and preferential policies.


Li gives a speech.

Zheng expressed that BISU has always pioneered in providing intellectual support and guarantees to attract more foreigners to study and work here.


Zheng gives a speech.

The two sides carried out in-depth communication on related topics. After the symposium, the delegation also interviewed international students of BISU and listened to their suggestions.

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