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BISU dispatches teachers to work in CICG
Updated: March 14, 2024

Beijing International Studies University (BISU) dispatched a group of 12 teachers to work temporarily in China International Communications Group (CICG) for training.   

A roundtable meeting was held on Feb 27 for the teachers to be fully prepared for their dispatch. Cheng Wei, vice-president of the university, hosted the meeting.

She introduced the basic situation of CICG and stressed its important position in China's international communication, adding that it is a precious opportunity for the teachers to truly understand international communication and blaze new trails in talent training.

The teachers shared their expectations on working in CICG. They promised to hone their skills and develop new ideas on teaching through learning about the dynamics of the field at the front line of international communication.


The teachers share their opinions on the round table meeting.  

Chang Yu, secretary of the CPC BISU Committee, congratulated the teachers for earning the valuable opportunity. He required them to gain a deeper understanding of China's development, bear the disciplines in mind and improve themselves through working.


Chang encourages the teachers to hone their skills through working.

The teachers headed for CICG on March 1. Leaders of CICG welcomed the BISU delegation and then led them to visit the exhibition of the history of the institution.

Ji Jinibiao, deputy secretary of the CPC BISU Committee and president of the university, highly praised the prominent role played by CICG in international communication at a meeting between the two sides and expressed gratitude for its long-term support to BISU.

He said that working in CICG helps enhance the teachers' research ability and understanding of the reality so that they can better serve the national development and help improve China's international communication capacity.

He hoped for more such cooperation between BISU and CICG, saying that he expected the teachers to fulfill their responsibility, build bridges between the two institutions and seize every opportunity to develop their own skills.


Ji expects more cooperation between BISU and CICG.

Liu Dawei, vice-president of CICG, briefly introduced the basic situation and historical evolution of the institution. He highly praised the program for BISU teachers to work in CICG, expressed his gratitude for the support from the school and welcomed the first group of 12 teachers.

He said CICG's mission is to tell China's stories well and convey China's voices effectively, as well as that BISU has made steady progress in cultivating talents for the country and serving the national development strategy.

The two sides share the same development philosophy and have a solid foundation of cooperation and trust, he said, and expressed his hope that the two sides will continue to make full use of and share valuable resources, strengthen in-depth cooperation in fields such as international communication, research, cross-cultural exchanges and talent training.


Liu says BISU and CICG have a solid foundation of cooperation.

BISU will support the teachers who work in CICG and will continue to send teachers to serve national development in key positions.

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