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BISU students volunteer at the Beijing Olympic Museum
Updated: February 16, 2024

Beijing International Studies University (BISU) dispatched a team of 42 volunteers to the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Museum on Feb 3.

The BISU team, including six Winter Olympics volunteers, provided bilingual services. They were in charge of receiving domestic and foreign guests and providing assistance to the publicity activities.

Trained at the museum on Feb 2, they gained a deeper understanding of what goes behind Beijing's hosting of the dual Olympics.

Chang Yu, secretary of the CPC BISU Committee, graced the opening ceremony. He also visited the BISU volunteers, highly appreciative and grateful to their commitment to voluntary service.  


A group photo of Chang (L3) and the volunteers


The volunteers assist in granting certificates.


The volunteers take a photo with a foreign reporter.

Zhai Yuhan, a BISU student who has volunteered at the Beijing Winter Olympics, felt like going back home to serve as a volunteer at the Beijing Olympic Museum. Touched by the hard-won glories of Beijing as a Dual Olympic City, she was delighted to be part of the struggles.

After the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Beijing Olympic Museum has gone through two years' upgrade and reopens this year.

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