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Riga Technical University Vice-President visits BISU
Updated: November 8, 2023

On Oct 27, Igors Tipāns, vice-president of Riga Technical University in Latvia, visited Beijing International Studies University (BISU). He was welcomed by Li Zhen, deputy secretary of the CPC BISU Committee.


Li Zhen (right), deputy secretary of the CPC BISU Committee, meets Igors Tipāns.

The pair exchanged warm greetings, with Li highlighting BISU's globe-spanning partnerships with over 180 educational institutions. He sees a bright future for collaboration with Riga Technical University, he said, given their shared enthusiasm for innovation and mutual growth.

Li didn't miss a chance to express his thanks to Tipāns for his dedication to nurturing talents in the Latvian language at BISU. He gave a nod to the long-standing joint ventures like the general training and student exchange programs. He's keen on how Riga Technical University's tech expertise complements BISU's flair for languages, offering students a unique "Technical Translation" course. It's this kind of interdisciplinary approach that's key to grooming well-rounded pros, he believes. 


A group photo

In a feel-good moment, Tipāns likened his visit to a homecoming, lauding the bond between the universities. "I have maintained close contact with BISU for many years, and coming here feels like going home," he said.

He's proud of the Latvian language initiative they've cooked up, calling it a tough but triumphant venture. And he's not just stopping there. He's got his eyes on building bridges in business, tourism, and management next, all springing from their solid foundation in language education.

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