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BISU student volunteers at CIFTIS, making a big impact
Updated: September 12, 2023

Some 30 student volunteers from Beijing International Studies University (BISU) stepped up to help make the 2023 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) a big success. The fair, which took place in Beijing from September 2 to 6, was a major global event, and this year marked the second year in a row that BISU students had volunteered at the fair.


Volunteers work at Shougang Park.

To ensure the quality and effectiveness of the volunteer service, BISU set up a strict selection process. Those who made the cut were placed at important spots around Shougang Park, the fair's location. These students did a lot more than just show people where to go; they also checked visitor badges and answered all sorts of questions. Thanks to their hard work and friendly attitudes, they earned high praise from people who came to the fair, both from China and abroad.

Being a volunteer here wasn't easy. The students had to leave their campus at 5:30 in the morning to get to Shougang Park on time to help visitors at the entrance.


Volunteers work at Shougang Park.

Zhan Wang, a student from the School of Economics, explained, "At first, I thought we'd just be checking tickets. But many visitors had questions about what was on display. To avoid slowing things down, we all learned the layout of the place really well. That way, we could give quick and helpful answers."

Zhang He, a volunteer from the School of European Studies,helped an exhibitor from Iran who didn't speak Chinese. Zhang helped by translating and telling visitors about the beautiful Iranian crafts at the booth.

"It felt great when more people started to stop by the booth," Zhang said. "The exhibitor even thanked me in Chinese. I felt like we had really accomplished something."

The BISU volunteers did not here. They plan to keep bringing their energy and enthusiasm to big events. With their can-do attitude, they're not just ticking boxes; they're really making events like CIFTIS better for everyone.

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