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BISU groundbreaking research on service and cultural trade unveiled at CIFTIS 2023
Updated: September 11, 2023

In a landmark presentation at the 2023 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS), Beijing International Studies University (BISU) released a Blue Book series on China's service and cultural trade on September 2.


The Blue Book series on China's service and cultural trade

The presentation was led by Li Jiashan, executive deputy head of the China Institute for Service Trade at BISU. Li revealed three cornerstone publications:  Annual Report on the Development of China's International Service Trade (2023), Annual Report on the Development of China's International Cultural Trade (2023), and Research Report on Beijing International Cultural Trade (2023).

The Blue Book series embodies the fruit of rigorous interdisciplinary research conducted at BFSU, and features insights from a consortium of domestic and international industry experts. The volumes provide an objective analysis of the prevailing trends and unique characteristics defining China's service and cultural trade sectors. They also tackle the challenges and dilemmas facing the industry, offering deep dives into key topics and shining a spotlight on innovative case studies. The series is poised to be an invaluable asset, providing both policy orientations and practical guidance for the sustainable, high-quality growth of China's service trade.


BISU cooperates with China enterprises.

Additionally, BISU inked strategic research agreements with Shenzhen Lofree Cultural Co., Ltd and 37 Interactive Entertainment Network Technology Group Co., Ltd. These partnerships are aimed at fostering the internationalization and marketization of China's creative design and gaming industries.

The ceremony received extensive media coverage, and a follow-up exclusive interview with Li was featured on The event was attended by distinguished guests, including leaders from the Department of Commerce of Sichuan Province, BISU research team members, and postgraduate students from the China Institute for Service Trade.


Professor Li Jiashan (right) gives an interview to

BISU has had a long-standing tradition of academic prowess in international economics and trade, with a specialized focus on service and cultural trade since 2003. In collaboration with the China Association of International Trade, BISU founded the China Institute for Service Trade in 2019, which has since grown into a globally recognized interdisciplinary research hub.

The unveiling of the Blue Book series at CIFTIS 2023 not only reinforces China's commitment to advancing its footprint in global service and cultural trade but also serves as a monumental step in shaping the industry's future landscape.

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