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BISU students shine at martial arts competition
Updated: May 20, 2023

A competition on martial arts showcasing the skill and prowess of college students kicked off on May 15 in Beijing. The team of Beijing International Studies University (BISU) demonstrated exceptional performance and emerged victorious in two categories. 

They clinched first prize in the Tai chi fan dance, exhibiting seamless coordination and precise execution of movements. The team's synergy and adherence to standardized techniques led them to the top position.


Students compete on Tai chi fan dance 


Tai chi competition

Furthermore, BISU students showcased their outstanding abilities in the Tai chi competition, earning them the second prize. Their exceptional performance and mastery of the intricate Tai chi movements allowed them to excel in this category. With their remarkable skills and dedication, the students represented BISU admirably and achieved significant success in the tournament.


A group photo of participating teachers and students from BISU

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