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BISU students shine at Asian youth forum
Updated: May 6, 2023

The Asian Cultural Heritage Youth Forum, held at Sun Yat-sen University's Zhuhai campus, witnessed the participation of representatives from over 10 countries. Students and teachers from Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Tajikistan, and more gathered to exchange ideas. The student teams from Beijing International Studies University's (BISU) School of Tourism Sciences stood out, earning accolades for their outstanding proposals.


The TCU team from BISU

The TCU team, mentored by Professor Zou Tongqian, presented the innovative TCU ACTION plan, focusing on the preservation and utilization of cultural heritage under changing climate conditions, with Khiva, Uzbekistan as their model. Their proposal, comprising the TCU network and TCU system, aims to enhance the scientific protection and sustainable utilization of cultural heritage.

Led by Associate Professor Song Changyao, the Forbidden City Exploration team conducted extensive research on the climate impact on the Forbidden City and put forth four targeted protective measures. Their in-depth study of this iconic location showcased their commitment to safeguarding cultural heritage.


The Forbidden City Exploration team

The recognition received by the two student teams demonstrates the success of BISU's efforts to cultivate international tourism talents. Going forward, the School of Tourism Sciences will continue leveraging its international advantages and specialized platform to nurture young talents for the global cultural and tourism industry.

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