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BISU professors honored for outstanding achievements in translation
Updated: April 13, 2023

During the TAC Annual Conference 2023 held on April 3, several distinguished scholars from Beijing International Studies University (BISU) were recognized for their outstanding achievements in translation.

Professor Zhang Daoyi was awarded the prestigious "Lifetime Achievement Award in Translation", while Professors Zhou Lie, Pan Shoujun, Zhang Yongwang, Wang Jingping, and Zhu Xiaoxuie were honored with the "Senior Translators Award".

These awards were presented by the Translator Association of China in recognition of the recipients' remarkable contributions in promoting cultural exchange through translation, fostering better understanding of China in the modern era, and facilitating cross-cultural communication and learning.


Professor Zhang Daoyi wins the "Lifetime Achievement Award in Translation".


Recipients of "Senior Translators Award"

To date, 31 faculty members from BISU have been awarded in this field. They will continue to promote the critical role of foreign languages and translation in promoting the integration and exchange of Chinese civilization with diverse cultures from around the world.

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