Postgraduate Courses
Updated: November 11, 2022

Postgraduate program (three years):

1.English, Japanese, Russian, German, French, Asian and African Languages (only Korean language available now), Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Tourism Management, Hospitality Management, Accounting, Business Management, Finance, Event Management, International Trade, International Cultural Trade, Aesthetics, Contrastive Literature and World Literature, Chinese Language and Literature, Teaching Chinese To Speakers of Other Languages, Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Chinese Ancient Literature, Chinese Contemporary Literature, Tourism Management (English instruction, two years), Master of Business Administration(MBA, English instruction,two years),Master of Professional Accounting (MPAcc,English instruction,two years) .

Application fee: 800 RMB.

Annual Tuition(RMB): 27000 per year(Chinese instruction), 30000 per year(English instruction).

Opening Month: Every September

Application for postgraduate

1. In the age bracket of 18-50 in good health, holding a undergraduate diploma

2. Documents submission: resume, Beijing International Studies University Application Form, degree certificate and diploma (presentation of the original documents is required upon registration), university transcript of academic record, certificate of new HSK Level 5 or above, two reference letters. Applicants who are studying in other Chinese universities should also provide: a photocopy of the residence permit and a transfer letter from the International Students Office of the previous university

3.Application deadline: May 31st

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