General Advanced Courses Updated: November 11, 2022

General Advanced Student program (above one semester): Chinese Language, English, Business English, Japanese, Russian, German, French Language and Literature, Italian, Spanish,  Korean, Portuguese, Tourism Management, Accounting,  Hospitality Management, Marketing, Event Economy and Management, International Economics and Trade, International Culture Trade, Finance, Chinese Language and Literature, Journalism, Teaching Chinese To Speakers of Other Languages, International Politics, Science of Law.

Application for General Advanced Student and Senior Advanced Student Program

1. In the age bracket of 18-50 in good health, holding a senior high school graduation diploma at least

2. Documents submission: resume, Beijing International Studies University Application Form, photocopy of the diploma (the original document is required to be submitted upon registration and for currently enrolled senior high school students, the enrollment certificate from the school is required), the transcript of school academic record and photocopy of new HSK Level 4 above Certificate, photocopy of passport or residence permit, two pictures

3. For applicants, additional documents including the copies of undergraduate above diploma and academic record are required

4. Applicants who are learning in other Chinese universities should also provide :

a. a sealed transfer letter from the International Students Office of the university

b. a copy of his/her visa in China and

c. a recommendation letter from the class teacher

5.  Application deadline: June 30th (fall semester) and Dec. 31st (spring semester)

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