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Updated: November 11, 2022


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The Journal of Beijing International Studies University is an academic journal of foreign languages approved by the National Press and Publication Administration and published by Beijing International Studies University, under the leadership of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission. The journal is distributed at home and abroad.

It is committed to promoting theoretical research on and practical studies of Chinese and foreign languages, advancing scientific research and the teaching of foreign languages in Chinese universities. It seeks to strengthen the research and development of the disciplines of foreign languages, serve linguistic researchers and foreign language researchers at universities, facilitate the communication and exchanges between the linguistic disciplines of Chinese and foreign languages, and further enhance the interaction between Chinese and foreign researchers in linguistic teaching and education.

The journal comprises permanent columns themed with traditional linguistics, translation theories & practices, book reviews of foreign literature, and theories & practices of foreign language teaching. In addition, there are several flexible columns whose themes are drawn in accordance with varying research focuses. These flexible columns consist of forums for academic masters, exchanges between different academic schools, forums for young scholars, the latest research progress, a selection of outstanding PhD dissertations, important research projects associated with China's National Social Science Fund and the Ministry of Education's Social Science Fund, cultural studies, the Belt and Road Initiative and national strategic plans for linguistic research, the translation of classical literature and Chinese culture going abroad, and a publication commentary.

During its permanent columns, the journal also covers the latest research findings in different fields.

The journal can be subscribed to in post offices and at the China International Book Trading Corporation. The price of each issue is 12 yuan (about US$ 1.7). Its code of postal distribution in China is 80-630 and its code of foreign distribution is M6997.

The journal has been listed as an A-level core journal of linguistics in the Chinese humanities and social science AMI citation database; an important citation and source journal in the reprinting of publication materials at the Renmin University of China; a national outstanding university-based social science journal; a leading journal of humanities and social science at Beijing-based universities; a municipal-level first-level social science journal in Beijing; a citation source for the national social sciences database; part of the first batch of source journals for the Chinese humanities and social science citation database; a source journal of the Chinese core journal (selection) database; a source journal of the Chinese academic journal comprehensive evaluation database; a source journal of the Chinese journal full-text database; and a source journal of the Chinese science & technology journal database.


December 12, 2013

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